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Predicto.net is theoretically able to predict or forecast a future event based on a consensual view of the future, by allowing people to vote on user generated predictions.

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By 2017, 10% of computers will be learning rather than processing Near term flag: In 2014, the number of speech recognition applications running on deep neural network algorithms will double. Deep learning methods, based on deep neural networks, are currently being applied in speech recognition systems as well as some object recognition applications. Quality of life improves when society is able to derive useful information from the copious amounts of unstructured data collecting in the internet. The most important implication of a learning computer is that it expands much less energy to recognise more complex patterns. http://bit.ly/1er5UA9
This prediction is100% sure. I have confidence on myself that really this will happen.
By 2017, 80% of people will collect, track and barter their personal data for cost savings, convenience and customisation Near term flag: The number of Kickstarter-based auctions of personal data will increase by triple-digit percentages by the end of 2014. The average person on the street is now, more than ever, aware of how much data is being collected about them. Interestingly, Gartner reckons that this has set the stage for offering people more control over the disposition of personal data — collected both online and offline. As increasing demand and scarcity drives up the value of such data, it says, it’ll become increasingly worth people’s while to share it voluntarily. The collective interest in self-tracking meanwhile suggests that people are investing more time and energy in collecting data about themselves. They increasingly view such data as a key asset for life improvement, which could also be consistent with the idea of trading it for value under the right circumstances
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